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Speyside to Provide PR support for Universal Robots in Mexico and Brazil

Mexico City – May 5, 2016 – Following a region-wide review of its public relations support, Universal Robots has appointed Speyside Corporate Relations as its public relations agency for the key markets of Brazil and Mexico. The Speyside team will provide support to Universal Robots by working with the company’s […]

Speyside to provide PR support for Amadeus across key South American markets

Sao Paulo, March 14, 2016 – Following a region-wide review of its public relations support, Amadeus has appointed Speyside Corporate Relations as its public relations agency for the key markets of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The Speyside team will provide support to Amadeus working through teams on-the-ground across […]

Speyside Launches ‘Inside Iran’ Counselling

Speyside, global emerging markets corporate affairs and public policy consultancy, has launched a dedicated reporting and counselling service that will help companies assess risks and opportunities within Iran. The Inside Iran support will be provided by a combination of Tehran-based consultants experienced in a range of strategic sectors, and Speyside’s […]


What next for Brazil?

Photo: Reuters What happened On the evening of May 17th, “O Globo” newspaper, one of Brazil’s largest newspapers, leaked parts of an audio transcription. The audio allegedly involved President Michel Temer in a cover-up scheme to bribe the former House of Representatives Speaker, Eduardo Cunha, to remain quiet while he […]

Unions begin to take the centre stage again in Argentina

With the beginning of March seeing the return of congress from its summer recess and Argentines back to work, the relative calm that has been bestowed on Macri since taking office in 2015 gave way to a return of mass unionised protest across Argentina earlier in March. Public school teachers, […]

NAFTA: a view from Mexico

Forget the Wall. The future of NAFTA has been the no.1 bilateral issue between the USA and Mexico since Donald Trump was elected US President. During the campaign Mr. Trump labelled NAFTA “the worst trade deal ever…” and said the agreement must be renegotiated or annulled. In Mexico, President Peña […]


Speyside has been contributing to AliExpress’ success since the very beginning. Whilst knowledge and skills can be developed, attitudes are based on people. Speyside is committed to being part of your team, working hard to both achieve and surpass your goals.

Speyside Corporate Relations has been our go-to PR agency in the Brazilian market for many years because of a few simple reasons: First, they have a deep understanding of the Latin American media landscape; second, they’re skilled PR strategists and tacticians; and lastly, but most important, they apply these to help us get great results.

Speyside has brought real value to our work. I emphasize that the value brought was not only in achieving the objectives and meeting deadlines, but also throughout the process they introduced a new way of thought that ended up significantly enriching the approach that the company had originally developed. I would also like to highlight the speed with which the Speyside team understood the issues raised and their assertiveness in proposing solutions.

It is rare to find advisors who not only are experts in their field but that truly understand how to apply their knowledge and expertise to real life issues and situations. Speyside´s understanding and sensitivity to local cultures and to our company´s organizational dynamics allowed them to integrate seamlessly into our team and to help us address difficult and urgent corporate responsibility challenges in both Brazil and Chile in an effective and timely manner. Having the Speyside team at my side during my two and a half years as head of Kinross´ mining operations in South America was extremely valuable.

It seems incredible that only a month has passed from the first phone calls to find out about you guys, to the work the team ultimately delivered. The team is totally customer focused, not afraid to challenge, but always delivers. They demonstrated incredible knowledge and great media contacts. We needed lots of flexibility, quick thinking and patience. The team delivered that in spades. I can?t imagine what it would have been like without them.

They are extremely professional, rapid learners and laser-focused on getting results. We were pleased with their ability to quickly assimilate our needs and articulate those to industry stakeholders. They are a valuable resource and a trusted partner for our company

Speyside has become a key partner in our regional business strategy. They have proven time and time again they are an experienced agency with a customer focused approach. They have made a big difference to our business and we look forward to a long term relationship with them.

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